Dead Mouse


This is the first in a series of limited edition prints focusing on historic image-making and printing processes.

Limited Editions have an absolute limit of 25 prints. Each print is signed, titled and numbered (##/25). Once the edition is sold out, no additional prints will be made and the image will be retired to my archives.

One misty morning, I chanced upon a recently deceased mouse in my driveway, and immediately ran inside to make an exposure with one of my pinhole cameras.

Pinhole cameras don't have any glass optics; light enters the camera through a very small (.25mm) hole precision drilled in a piece of brass. Exposures can range in time from several seconds to hours, depending on the light sensitivity of the photographic substrate and the overall lighting conditions. In this instance, exposure was 45 seconds on ISO 100 film in a 6x12 format.

I've chosen Palo Duro 100% cotton rag as the paper upon which this print will be made. There's a wonderful tooth to this paper which adds depth and structure.

The 6x12 aspect ratio printed on 13x19 paper gives a panoramic effect.